October 12, 2021




Name PART OF OUR "WINDOW ONLY" EXHIBITION SERIES. A selection of Vivienne's works will be on display in the Gallery 109 shopfront for 2 weeks from 11th to 25th October


Vivienne spent her childhood on the land so is captivated by wide open spaces, far horizons and the natural environment. She has a great love of the Australian bush and landscape in its many forms. Her painting expresses her love of big skies and wide horizons as well as the detailed beauty of her local bush environment.

She works with acrylics, mostly on canvas and enjoys experimenting with texture and form, using impasto and palette knives. Vivienne is inspired by bold shapes and the vibrant colours and subtle textures of the Australian coast and bush. The exploration of space and distance across time is a theme in her work and she invites viewers to look beyond the horizons and boundaries of her paintings to lose themselves in their imagination.

Vivienne’s current work explores the rich coastlines of Eastern Australia as the sea has always held a fascination for her; it’s colour and movement and the seemingly endless space where the horizon touches the sea. She uses buttery impasto texture to blend the colours of the sea and create movement and depth. All the different hues and shades of blue, at different times of day, are explored in both the sea and the sky as well as the connection with the sea and the land. She also occasionally delves into native flowers and her love of the local angophoras.