August 28, 2019




ABOUT:  Surfdog & Artbird began by painting characters and having them published by Phil Taylor Studios Greeting Cards, and everything produced since has revolved around art. Trained in Art and Design at the Randwick College TAFE in Sydney and graduating with a Graphic Art and Design Diploma, career adventures began in art and design studios and many advertising agencies as art and creative directors. These experiences led to painting full time, and their love of travel, sun, surf and their many furred and feathered friends, has taken them on many adventures. They are sponsors of the NSW Cancer Council Posh Auction to which they donate a painting to be auctioned each year, and support and sponsor the RSPCA in Australia for animal welfare and the Parrot Rescue Centre.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: Surfdog & Artbird’s interests are in “man’s best friends”, beach culture and their passion for the beach life. They use dogs and animals to symbolise the people they characterise in their artworks, and paint people coming together with their pets to enjoy fun and adventures in the great outdoors. It’s these ideals that bring people together to share in a common love of the outdoor life.
Paintings start with sketches when they are out engaged in nature or travelling, and then fleshed out in the studio with a loose and thick impasto style. Their art is quirky and brings a smile to everyone’s face, and their funky interpretations are of everything from holidays with friends to meeting the locals at favourite surf spots.
Surfdog first emerged in 2009, and of Surfdog & Artbird and the characters portrayed, a gallery director said of this work “The enormous energy, gaiety and presence that the artists exude is also encapsulated in these works. Well-travelled and with a probing interest in local cultures and people, the bold background and quirky characters is a reflection of their light and playful nature.“