October 23, 2019




Artist Bio

Sean Hutton’s interest in art began at an early age. As a teenager, he was encouraged to seek private tuition from a well-known portrait artist. Later, he pursued his love of drawing and painting through further studies at the Julian Ashton Art School in Australia, where he was awarded the prestigious William Dobell Scholarship.

Sean draws inspiration from artists of the Renaissance up to the contemporary era. He is particularly inspired by portraiture and allegorical themes.

Sean’s works are defined by his ability to employ strong draughtsmanship and convey an ethereal quality reflecting the inner world of his subjects. He considers art as an expression of the transcendence from the image seen to an experience of something felt.

Sean has exhibited his work nationally, completed many portrait commissions and been the recipient of numerous art awards.

Invoking Calm

‘Invoking Calm’ is a collection of works completed over the past few years on the theme of meditation. This series was created as a personal response to the busy and challenging world we live in. One of the paintings in this series is currently a finalist in The Lester Prize in WA.