March 21, 2021




CASCADES- Limited Edition Linocut

Artists Statement– The deep shadows, defined lines and high contrasts characteristic of this creek gully carved out by the ancient and elemental forces of water on rock are perfect for interpretation using the age old technique of linocut relief printing. The strong graphic and monochromatic effect of low light give a sense of heightened drama and immediacy. The Blue Mountains west of Sydney have a deep allure for me. While the wide vistas viewed from the plateaus are iconic, it’s the gullies, creeks and gorges that fascinate. My aim is to show the timelessness of our landscape in my works, describing and visually documenting secret spaces and special places.

‘Cascades’- Limited edition Linocut

Hand printed linocut print on 300gsm rag paper with mount and mat board. Signed and numbered in pencil. Prints 4/6 and 5/6 available in this edition.

Print size 30 x 30cm. Paper/mount size 41 x 57cm