October 23, 2019




I am a self-taught artist with a fascination of all things human.  Who we are, what we have done, how we think and where we came from? I am continually awed, impressed, mystified, disappointed, angry, surprised and confused by our actions.  To me, humanity has extremes; beautiful and ugly, brilliant and incredibly stupid, creative yet so destructive, loving and hateful, enlightened but oh so ignorant.

I like to paint all things human, particularly the face, as I believe that the faces of the world tell humanities story; from the unknown to the famous.  Although I do paint other subjects from time to time, these are where I obtain my artistic gratification.

I am also fascinated in the subject of “cognitive recognition”; how our brain sees things. How can link our memories to an image with little or no definitive features.

These works portray my continual battle between the urge to realistically portray a subject, and the desire to represent the minimum features required for viewer recognition, where the viewer feels the subject rather than sees the subject. I restrict my painting tools to palette knives, scrapers, rollers, and my favourite, the credit card to create imperfection.