September 26, 2018



Maryanne Deans Kolek

Stormy Weather

From the mountains to the sea, the atmosphere and images glimpsed in the snow and the detritus washed up on the beach after a storm, this is what fascinates and resonates with me.

The feeling for snow, its silence and chilled fragility swirling in wind around trees. The calling of the Tancho (Snow Cranes) as they dance for their loves. The secrets hidden in drifts, soft yet strong and able to support. For these I was drawn to oils and pastels, soft and smooth yet enduring. Detritus, the flotsam and jetsam washed up by storms onto the shore.

Tangled seaweeds, shells, wood and pumice thrown indiscriminately on sand, cement and paving. The wash up over the marshes resulting in a felt like cover all under grey threatening skies. For this series I decided to use natural linen with oils to deepen the resonance of the darkness of the storm.


109 Sydney Road, Manly, NSW Australia