January 31, 2019





Botanical Eco Printing Works on Fabric

Buderim based Artist Lyn Moes is inspired by the natural world, and uses
botanical plants to dye and print cloth in a technique called Eco printing.
This process is a direct contact printing method which draws out
pigments from plants to make interesting imprints on protein fibres
(silk, wool)  and cellulose fibers (cotton, linen) to create wearable art.

Her work celebrates nature and a love of natural  colour without
chemicals, extracting colour from foliage, bark and other found
objects from the forest floor.

Her latest botanical collection, from her Art Studio on Queensland’s
Sunshine Coast  includes Merino wool scarves, silk shawls and
lengths of linen and silk suitable for making clothing.

Each piece is an individual statement, a transformation of silk and wool
into textile art and  is impregnated with  the fragrance of Eucalyptus,
making the owner feel at home in Australia, wherever they may travel