July 12, 2021




Name PART OF OUR "WINDOW ONLY" EXHIBITION SERIES. A selection of Liesel's works will be on display in the Gallery 109 shopfront for 2 weeks from 12th July


Water is a part of our being; it nourishes, soothes, and is filled with beautiful mystery. When underwater, the real world fades away for a moment, and the rules of age, beauty and gravity no longer apply. It offers the opportunity to create a world of our own and becomes a creative playground; a blank canvas that we can paint, draw and illustrate through photography. Creating something new and unique; from the divine connection between a mother and child, to a symbol of personal freedom and strength through suspended weightlessness.

Artist’s Statement: All my life I’ve been drawn to and intrigued by the water. My interest began as a diver of many years. However, my passion for underwater photography blossomed when I had the opportunity to photograph the majestic humpback whales of Tonga. This is where my passion for the water and my photography collided. 

Portrait photography underwater may seem a little unusual, but this is where I can lure the audience down under the surface where the magic unfolds through the elegance and movement of the human body in a suspended dance.

The freedom of being weightless in the water and moving effortlessly to create beautiful, suspended images is something to be experienced, cherished and sharedLiesel