February 28, 2024




Australian artist Ilana M Kresner has drawn on the imagined mentorship of her late cousin, the pioneering New York based abstract artist Lee Krasner, to guide her through chrysalis to emergence as an artist.
Often painting under the name IM Kresner, she marks her arrival & debut solo exhibition “Letters to Lee Krasner” with a 50 work show from mural to postcard size that will take place at Gallery 109 in conjunction with our neighbouring art gallery The Imaginer Gallery

Working hard in her studio, pushing against the generic minutia of daily life for space to create and form, Ilana stumbled across family connection that would draw her through the deep womb of the Covid years
and catapult her into the conceptual underpinnings for her new body of work.

Sitting within abstraction and expressionism, Ilana’s work uses bold oil collages, mixed media drawings, delicate watercolours, everyday objects and large-scale abstract works to explore themes of identity, womanhood and creative emergence.