September 5, 2022




Australian Beaches

Ian Barnes is a Northern Beaches artist and award winning photographer whose latest project is photographing Australia’s iconic beaches. He embellishes the photos of these vistas with digital brush strokes, after which the images are merged with multiple layers of textured backgrounds. After printing them on archival quality canvases and watercolour papers, he then paints-in gels and varnishes into the canvases, employing a unique technique. This process introduces a 3D painterly layer that adds vibrancy and vigour to the scenes, and extends the archival life of each canvas print.

At the age of 10, after marvelling at a neighbour bringing black and white images to life in his laundry darkroom, Ian was hooked on photography for life! Surrendering to Ian’s constant pestering, his parents bought him a Kodak Box Brownie, the most basic of medium format film cameras. So began his photographic journey.

Ian’s aim is to transport the viewer to beautiful, tranquil, serene locations, in these unusually confining times. . . starting with the stunning natural beauty of our unique Australian Beaches.