‘ensemble’- Ian Brown

ensemble is a series of works by Thirroul based artist Ian Brown. It includes contemporary paintings, prints and photographs inspired by his travels to Iceland. They are best viewed as a collection so we invite you to visit the gallery to see this exciting exhibition. All works are for sale direct from the artist.

The exhibition opening is Saturday 2nd December 2023 from 2pm to 4pm and you are invite to share a glass of wine and meet Ian. The exhibition runs till Sunday 10th December

Working in abstraction… Ian explores both the natural and man-made landscape in which we exist. His paintings push the boundaries beyond the edge of the canvas taking the viewer far beyond the literal. While appearing restrained, the mark making becomes an important aspect as layers are built to provide the depth required. 

Currently Ian hand prints abstracted forms on paper then explores layering with acrylic paint, ink, charcoal and crayon. Sometimes the viewer is unaware of the multitude of layering, requiring a much closer inspection as the media blends towards a uniform landscape.

True colour is not necessarily an important aspect of his work as the abstracted form takes precedence. Bold, large and colourful… his works provide a narrative to explore the landscape with a non-traditional edge.