October 15, 2022




This collection of works is titled ‘Other’. In this small series of collages- the genre of the underground rock and punk scene- are a source or reference. The low resolution of the images and the low-tech process, pay homage to images created quickly and cheaply only to be pasted on a city wall or telegraph pole and washed away or pasted over a week later.

The symbolic content in these pieces use the well known symbolism in Christian images. These symbols are defaced, and a new level of meaning is mapped onto the traditional meaning of the works. This series plays with the idea of a malevolent mother who withholds, and makes false promises. In one image titled ‘The Other’, there are signs of a budding hope of love for female children, as the child on the Madonna’s lap has roses spreading from her crotch to symbolise her gender. The small child to the left of the image, is the baby Jesus who is now looked upon, by both animals and the two females in the image, as the other.