June 2, 2020



Cameron Gordon -Road Trip Series

Bio and Artist Statement
Henry Ford said in 1922, “you can have it any colour you want as long as it is black”. Inspired by the genius of Henry Ford and working with his vision for colour, I am drawn to the form of the motor vehicle in its many stages of evolution. Using the principals of a limited palate and simplifying form from my study of Drawing and Printmaking as part of my Bachelor of Creative Arts degree, I paint cars.
The car was designed to replace the horse and with that came an attachment to status, form and function. I worked in the design side of retail for 25 years as a Creative Project Manager and Visual Merchandiser and understand the power of product and presentation, I embed that philosophy in my paintings to give them contemporary urban relevance.

My painting process reflects the screen printed quality and artistic interpretations of early posters that where used to advertise the latest model of car, and also old porcelain roadside advertising signs that had an everlasting gloss in the urban landscape. I work with the simplified layering of colour and shapes that purposely removes any complications and overwhelming information, often only using 2 or 3 colours to give
prominence to simple design elements and sometimes focusing on small details or sections of cars looking for those hidden gems of design that can get lost in the overall view.
I enjoy painting at the speed of life and my intention as an artist is to create paintings that bring colour and modern subjects together and to celebrate the form of the car in a warm and accessible way that allows the viewer to stop and look at an object that they see hundreds of every day in a new and fresh way.