July 4, 2019





Lloyd Sharp is an artist and designer living in the Blue Mountains west
of Sydney. He has been influenced and intrigued for much of his life by
the idea of what forms ‘life’ and the way our concept of identities and
existences are formed, understood and expressed through traditional
and new avenues of communication.

Zeb Olsen  is an educator, radio producer, musician and
visual artist currently living in Victoria. Her work covers a
variety of media and references nostalgia and longing, light
and movement, music and pattern.

Claine Keily is a poet, filmmaker, performance artist and a
visual artist who also works in the mediums of photography and collage.
She currently resides in far North Queensland.
She has been widely published in a range of literary journals.
Limited edition copies of her illustrated artist books form part of the
rare book collections at Sydney University Library, The New South Wales
Library and The National Library of Australia.


The Group are old friends and co- collaborators on this exciting exhibition
with a blend of digital art, installations and mixed media