August 9, 2022



ARTELAN- Smoke Screen

The upcoming exhibition takes its title from popular artist Angeline Goh’s “Smoke Screen. An innovative artwork to hide unsightly air-conditioning units. It is sealed for outdoor use, and is panelled to allow the unit to breathe. Each piece is unique and may be made to order. Have a particular colour scheme in mind? Angeline will paint and make your piece exactly to your requirements. Also its magic lies in its versatility. It not only can screen your air-con units, but can hide and store outside cushions, be used as a bar or side-table for entertaining and of course can be hung as an artwork.

Other Artists featured in this exhibition are sculptures by Sallie Portnoy and Sally Hook, and paintings by Kerrie Leishman and Mike Barr


Mike BarrWinter Bus Stop– Acrylic on canvas- 76cm x 76cm
Kerrie LeishmanLapis– Oil and wax on canvas- 50cm x 50cm
Sally HookGrand Stand– Earthenware Clay- 37cm x 19cm x 19cm
Sallie PortnoySeed Platter 2– Cast lead glass Crystal 38cm x 27cm