May 17, 2022




Solo Exhibition- “In Silence”

17th to 5th June 2022

‘In Silence’ is an exploration by Sydney based photographer Aedan O’Donnell of how environment shapes internal bodily states. His project began as an attempt to capture the unique qualities of light in Australia’s alpine. It ultimately became an investigation into the effect of environment on the habits of the body. Through exposure to the elements that shape this rugged part of Australia, he encountered changes within his own state of being. The conditions within this landscape elicited physiological and psychological responses that transformed him over time.

Born in Ireland and raised on the east coast of Australia, Áedán developed a fascination with the world’s diversity from a young age. He became enamoured by the camera’s ability to act as a conduit for dialogue with his surroundings. For Áedán, photography is about exploring connections, the interactions between people and their environment that create a profound experience.

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