June 19, 2019




Adana Legros is a Franco-Cambodian artist, born in Thailand and raised in  Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Having parents who dedicated their life fighting against sexual exploitation of women and children in Southeast Asia made a massive impact in her artwork.

After obtaining her French baccalaureate in 2014, She pursued law studies in Nice, France.
The discovery of her cancer end of 2016 revealed her true love for art.
In 2017, she followed her dream in New York City and made her first exhibition in Manhattan as well as in a gallery in East Village.

Beside her attachment for art, she is also a political activist seeking for a new paradigm. She has been taking online classes in Humanities, studying the consciousness.
The goal is to be able to understand how one can come to a state of awakening through the observation of one’s self.
Does this psychological, spiritual awakening can bring about personal ethic and have a social and political impact?
This is her main research.